La Nuvea Habana 

9 people project within a month


21st Century Cuba is much more diverse than it was when initially colonized by the Spanish. In order to take back ownership of the country, locals implemented their own Cuban flair on to the Colonial architecture. Hostel La Habana Nuevo becomes an interior/exterior space where the eclectic cultural elements of Cuba and its visiting cultures are able to weave together, deepening its unique “Tropical Deco” style. An international ferry was re-purposed into a temporary housing facility for travelers eager to explore the richness of Cuba. Using waste materials from sugar cane cultivation, the local craft of rattan weaving was reinterpreted into an organic structure that infiltrates the Colonial building. Limestone walls are washed with an updated color palette and tile work, to reflect the current vibe of Cuban street life. As a society that lives their life primarily outdoors, Hostel La Habana Nuevo houses an indoor/outdoor courtyard, which aids in cooling and dehumidifying the tropical climate. This facility serves as a local hub for performance art, information, and local commerce, allowing for the integration of cultures from around the world. 

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